Initial Consultation £30

Consultation with relaxation session £45….   save £15

General Sessions   £60 per 55-60 minute session

Phobias/fear: £165 over 4 weeks.


Stop Smoking now    1.5- 2 hr  session £12010291096_10153073287951945_3002514446879287296_n

 New Stop smoking programme. Two sessions of 35-40 mins and Two sessions 90-110 mins. These sessions need to be taken over a period of 4 weeks. Half the fee paid at first session.  Total Fee  £280.

( all above includes a free relaxation CD )



Deep Relaxation/mind massage 1/2 hr…  session £30
Block Book  3 weekly sessions for £80
Block Book  5 weekly sessions for £145 and get a 6th free.
Stress can not only affect the individual, it can have a damaging effect on the family and on a person’s health. It has been scientifically proved that deep relaxation (trance) and meditation are both mentally and physically beneficial.

Why not experience the blissful feeling of being totally relaxed, calm and refreshed. Regain full wakefulness with a feeling of clarity and peace.  OR purchase a voucher for a loved one.


Time to relax mit duftendem Lavendel

This is a pure Relaxation session to de-stress. A non invasive mind massage guiding you on a pleasant journey, and positive language to relax and improve self-esteem and a feeling of wellbeing.

This offer can be purchased for yourself or it would make a lovely gift.

I can be contacted via telephone,email or Innovate Hypnotherapy’s Facebook Page  Vouchers can  be purchased and Debit and Credit Cards are accepted.

  • Results will vary depending on the individual.

3 thoughts on “Prices.

  1. Become a the person you want to be:

    Is it time you gave up smoking? Time to become a healthier you? Time to start eating in a healthy way?

    OR do you want to change your life for the better? Is it time for a new job?

    contact me… NOW! Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you focus on your goals and help you become the person you want to be.

    I am embarking on my own personal development programme. I will be using a system that I know works. Last year I concentrated on my motivation and confidence. This has grown beyond all expectations and I am a changed person. I have focus and momentum and I know exactly where I am heading… and that makes me feel good. An added bonus has been the fact that I have been able to fight off the usual bugs and viruses and I have not been ill this year. My immune system is so much better.
    This year my focus will be on my physical health, weight loss and fitness… if you want to join me on my journey contact me for an appointment and I will explain to you how we can become healthier, happier people together. I will be practising what I preach. Through a combination of Solution Focused Therapy, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and positive thinking & activity we can achieve our goals.


  2. Holiday season is on it’s way. The fear of flying holds so many people back. Do you fear flying and would like to overcome this fear? As with any irrational fear, this problem can be solved. Generally, your fear can be resolved in 4 sessions. These sessions are spaced over a 4 week period. To find out more call me.


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